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Safety Switches: What You Should Consider During an Emergency?

Have you ever wondered how heavy machinery and manufacturing equipment are kept safe during repairs, maintenance, or emergency stoppages? Well, the answer lies in...

Know and Understand the Difference between PLC and Relay Control

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control and relay control are the two most popular controls in the world of automation. Although they both have comparable objectives,...

Know the Different Components of PLC System

PLCs, or programmable logic controllers, are essential parts of industrial automation and are in charge of carrying out a variety of duties in production...

Basics of Ladder Logic

Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways Self-Awareness Can Help You Advance in Your Career

Career success is influenced by many factors. Streaming from the competitiveness of a field, qualifications, and skill sets, to market opportunities, all these have...
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How to Calculate Battery Runtime?

Batteries power everything in today's technologically advanced society, including our smartphones and electric cars. To make sure that our devices survive as long as...

Single Phase Motor Capacitor Calculator

This is the single phase motor capacitor calculator. With the help of this calculator you can be able to find - Capacitor value in microfarad...

Solar Rooftop Calculator

If you are planning a solar rooftop system for your residence then this solar rooftop calculator is for you. With the help of this solar...

Convert hp to kW

Converting hp to kw is easy. Finding the inverse of that operation and converting kW to HP is a bit trickier. There are many...

kVA to Amp Calculator – How to convert kVA to Amps?

This calculator will help you convert kVA to amps and vice versa. I will also show you how to convert kVA to amps manually. You...
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