The New Siemens Sinamics G220 Frequency Inverter Can Be a Game Changer

Siemens Sinamics G220 Frequency Inverter
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Siemens is extending its lineup of frequency inverters with the Sinamics G220 series. Several controllers of the Sinamics G220 series were created to fulfill the most recent specifications. A Clean Power version has also been created, in which harmonics may be suppressed by at least 97 percent without the need for external chokes.

Key Highlights of New Features of Siemens Sinamics G220 Frequency Inverters

  • The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio’s first Sinamics drives, the Sinamics G220,
  • Decrease harmonics by up to 97 percent thanks to integrated clean power technology
  • Startdrive’s (TIA) digital twin allows for behavior testing and optimization even before the hardware is ready.
  • IIoT module for simple edge and cloud application integration

The Siemens portfolio’s highest-end and most versatile inverters are the Sinamics G220 frequency inverters. The controllers may be used extremely flexibly and in a variety of ways since numerous functions and components are included as standard or can be added via the option modules. The controller may be utilized in a variety of industries, including the offshore, chemical, oil, and gas sector, the food, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries, thanks to enhancements like an IP55 variation, standard 3C3 coating, monitoring of ATEX motors, and attaching an encoder.

The Sinamics G220 controllers also adhere to the strictest security and safety standards. The controllers, for instance, are best secured against (network) tampering and malicious firmware owing to common integrity and authenticity checks and user-adjustable access levels. Multiple safety functions may be designed to ensure maximum machine safety, enabling the highest safety level (SIL 3/PLe) to be reached without the need for extra hardware.

The Sinamics G220 controllers may also achieve very high drive system energy efficiency. The drive can regulate permanent magnet synchronous motors, high-efficiency IE4, IE5, and synchronous reluctance motors. Instead of being expended in a brake resistor, braking energy can now be transferred to other controllers through a DC bus connection. A variation of the series that can directly return energy to the grid will be added later.

The Sinamics G220 AC drives are the first Sinamics drives to be included in the Siemens Xcelerator line, and they are not just exceptional in terms of their technical performance. Drive performance may be evaluated and improved before the actual presence of the hardware because of complete integration with the TIA Portal and the comprehensive digital twin. This results in a quicker and more effective engineering process with lower mistake rates. A new IIOT module may also be added to the Sinamics G220 for simple integration in cloud and edge applications.

According to Cedrik Neike, CEO of Siemens Digital Industries, “We are thrilled to bring the Sinamics G220 to market as this AC drive sets a new standard in digitization, performance, and reliability.” The G220 gives our clients the flexibility to optimize business operations and maintain competitiveness in a market that is changing quickly thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities and user-friendly interface.

Siemens has reaffirmed its commitment to innovation by launching the Sinamics G220, which offers cutting-edge solutions that satisfy the demands of both the present and future sectors. The Sinamics G220 will be offered starting in the summer of 2023.



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