About Us

Hello Engineers!

Welcome to Engineershub.co.in!

Engineers Hub is all about Engineering. Technology drives us. We believe that Engineering is everywhere. In nuts and bolts also, there is an engineering.

We at Engineers Hub want to keep our audience well equipped with technical articles, the latest technology news, Interesting Engineering, ‘How to’ articles and videos, ‘What is’ articles and videos, etc.

Also, you will find career guidance here for better career growth.

So, if you are a passionate engineer, a great learner, and have enthusiasm for learning new things related to engineering then this website is for you.

Our Vision

To be the go-to resource for all who are looking for engineering related information, for engineers, engineering students, and all those who are interested in engineering.

Our Mission

To bring the latest and best information about the technical world to our audience.

About Krunal Shah (the person behind this website)

Krunal ShahKrunal Shah is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer and the founder of Engineers Hub. He has almost 14 years of experience in corporate in a relevant field before starting Engineers Hub. His goal is to make engineering easy for everyone by providing free learning material, tutorials, and quizzes on engineering subjects like electrical, electronics, mechanical etc.

Along with Engineers Hub, he also runs Subodh Tech Private Limited where he is involved in providing job-oriented training and Engineering Consultancy.

Before choosing the path of being an entrepreneur, he worked with top Multinational Companies in sectors like Steel, Pharmaceutical, Power, Chemical, etc.

He has worked in the domain of Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), Electrical and Instrument System design, Plant maintenance, Installation and commissioning of new Electrical and Instruments devices, etc.

This brings expertise in Electrical and Instrumentation detail engineering, maintenance strategies, and solutions.

He loves to share his knowledge and experience and so this website is born.

“Sharing is Caring is what we believe in.”