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Convert hp to kW

Converting hp to kw is easy. Finding the inverse of that operation and converting kW to HP is a bit trickier. There are many...

kVA to Amp Calculator – How to convert kVA to Amps?

This calculator will help you convert kVA to amps and vice versa. I will also show you how to convert kVA to amps manually. You...

Volt Amps Calculator

Suppose you need to calculate the required kVA of the Generator - How would you find it? This Volt Amps Calculator would help you out...

kW to Ampere – How to convert kW to amps?

If you're looking to convert kilowatts (kW) to amperes (amps) in a three-phase circuit as well as a single phase circuit, our power calculator...
Line Reactor Calculator

Line Reactor Calculator

If you are using VFD, you might have seen input line reactors or input chokes connected before VFD. So, how to size a line reactor...

Motor Torque Calculator

Torque represents the motor's load. This AC Motor Torque calculator would help you to calculate the nominal torque of the ac motor. Motor Torque Calculator   How...

Air Conditioner Electricity Cost Calculator

Before you buy an air conditioner, the first question that arises in your mind is how much electricity does an air conditioner consume. The air...
Voltage Unbalance Calculator

How to calculate Voltage Unbalance?

Voltage unbalance is a frequent problem in electrical power systems that can cause a variety of operational issues and even equipment damage. It describes...
Ohms Law Calculator

Ohm’s Law Calculator

The current in a dc circuit varies in direct proportion to the voltage and is inversely proportional to the circuit resistance, according to Ohm's...
RC Time Constant Calculator

RC Time Constant Calculator

This calculator helps you to calculate time constant of RC circuit. The product of resistance and capacitance values is known as RC Time Constant. How...