Ohm’s Law Calculator

Ohms Law Calculator
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The current in a dc circuit varies in direct proportion to the voltage and is inversely proportional to the circuit resistance, according to Ohm’s law. With the help of this calculator, you can compute power, voltage, resistance, and current.

How to use this Ohm’s Law calculator?

  • Choose the parameter that you want to calculate.
  • Enter the respective values.
  • The calculator would show automatically the computed value.

Brief Overview on Ohm’s Law

Georg Simon Ohm was a German Physicist and Mathematician who proposed this law in the year 1827.

When it comes to fundamental circuit theories, Ohm’s Law stands at the top of the list. Georg Ohm proposed this law in 1827, and it is most likely the formula that all electrical and electronics engineers learn initially.

How to calculate Ohm’s Law?

You can calculate voltage, current, and resistance using the below relations.

Ohm's Law Formulas

Let me give an example.

Consider the following circuit. The current needs to be calculated.

Ohms Law Calculation circuit example

We have the relation,

I = V/R

So, I = 3/6 = 0.5 Amps

Where you can use Ohm’s Law Formulas?

  • Power Transmission Lines
  • Home appliances like cloth Iron, water heater, toaster, etc.


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