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Krunal Shah is a passionate educator and career-counselor with experience as an Entrepreneur. Currently, he is working as Director of Subodh Tech Private Limited, where he is involved in providing job-oriented training and Engineering Consultancy.
Neutral Current Calculator

How to find Neutral Current in 3 phase system?

This is the simple calculator to find neutral current in three-phase system. Often you need to find neutral current to size the neutral conductor....
2 wire 3 wire 4 wire

What is the difference between 2 wire 3 wire and 4 wire transmitters?

Wiring a process instrument is quite hectic. Because, before you wire it you should know whether the transmitter is 2-wire, 3 wire or 4-wire....
Harmonics current

What are Harmonics current in Power System?

I was working in a factory as a plant maintenance engineer. While doing maintenance work, I found that few motors of the plant were...
battery-less cellphone

World’s first Battery-less Cellphone Invented

Technology is moving very fast. Washington University researchers have invented battery-less cellphone. How the battery-less cellphone works? Question arises 'how a cell phone can work without...
Power Factor Calculator

How to calculate power factor?

Engineers often require to calculate power factor especially when they are working on site. This is a handy calculator for calculating power factor. Calculating...
Light Dependent Resistor

Light Dependent Resistor: Working Principle and its Applications

What is an LDR? An LDR is a photoelectric device. LDR stands for Light Dependent Resistor also known popularly as photo-resistor. Working Principle of LDR The semiconductor...
Electrical Engineering Interview Q&A

Interview Q&A for Electrical Engineering Part-1

What is Voltage? Voltage is the force that moves free electron from one atom to another atom. What is Current? Current is movement of free electrons in...
Learning Attitude

Learn how to learn?

Want to become a leader? If yes, then learning attitude is one the key to becoming a successful leader. Technology is upgrading very fast....

Calculator to find Fahrenheit or Celsius

This is the handy calculator to find Fahrenheit if you know Celsius. However, you can find ºC as well, if you know ºF. How to...
Convert HP to KW and vice-versa

Horsepower (hp) Kilowatts (kW) Conversion

This is the handy calculator. You can convert either horsepower (hp) to kilowatts (kW) or kilowatts to horsepower with the help of this calculator. How...
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