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Types of Contactors

Types of Contactors and their Applications

In this article, I am going to talk about different types of contactors and their applications. If you still do not know about the...

Contactors: History and Working Principle

Can you find contactors in your house?Of course, you can find contactor in the starter circuit of bore well pump. In this article, I...
Dream Job

How to find my dream job?

Do you want a good job, seriously? Then, you have to help your own self for this.Many job aspirants coming to me for career...
Electric Danger

Which current is more dangerous, AC or DC?

Do you ever have an electrical shock? Well, many of us have the mindset that DC current is additionally dangerous than AC current....
What is current in electricity

What is current in electricity?

Let me make you understand what is current in electricity. Voltage exerts force on free electrons to move. Current is movement of free...
What is voltage in electricity

What is Voltage in electricity?

Understanding the Voltage Voltage is the force. We know that a good conductor of electricity has more free electrons. When voltage passes through this conductor, it...
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