Learn how to learn?

Learning Attitude
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Want to become a leader? If yes, then you must learn how to learn.

Learning attitude is one the key to becoming a successful leader.


Technology is upgrading very fast. Adoption of AI and Machine learning has now become a must for top-notch companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. That is why such companies are looking for candidates having good learning ability.

I personally have felt this. Starting with my first company to having my own training and consultancy firm, my learning attitude has helped me to reach this position.

If you do not have a learning attitude, it is ok, you can cultivate with the help of tips mention below, which successful leaders do follow. Over a period, it will become part of your habit.

Learn How to Learn?

  • Practice Mindfulness.

A mindful person is aware of what he is and what he is doing. Anyone can cultivate it by just doing little analysis on self.

“Can I effectively focus on the present moment?” – ask yourself.

Mindfulness keeps mind calm and content. A happy mind can grasp things easily. For example, if you are brooding over certain situations and busy in judging others your mind entangles you in some wasteful thoughts and decreases perception level. Simple breathing in and breathing out exercise can cultivate mindfulness. Listening to music can also help largely.

  • Have the curiosity to learn.

Have you ever seen a child asking a question? Children have the curiosity to learn. So become curious like a child to learn. A child asks a question without having any fear of being judged. The child focuses only on getting the right answers. I have observed this attitude in good team leaders whom I have worked with.

  • Open up your mind to learn new things.

Suppose you are reading a book on nearly the same topic that you have previously read but written by a different author. While reading, if you compare that book with present one you can never gain. The more you compare, the more it will confuse you. You may not be able to catch the key take always from the new book. A good learner should be ready for a gain of even 0.5%. Always be attentive in whatever kind of work you are doing.

  • Have a Goal in life.

Set the goal. Goals help us to stay focused. Say, you want to join an MNC one day or want to become a team leader or want to become a general manager or a managing director. Goals will make you keep learning always.

  • Have the burning desire to learn things.

Learning requires a burning desire. This will help you increase the level of concentration which in turn help you out in remembering the things for a longer period. Perception level also increases remarkably.

  • Drop your ego

Look at children when they are asking a question. They do not bother about asking silly questions even. Their focus is on only clearing their doubts. We must learn this from children. We must drop our ego to ask a question if we want the right answer.

  • Make notes.

If you are a student, make notes of the sessions you attended in your own language. Researcher proved that writing habit helps in improving memory. You can even recapitulate the stuff you have learned very easily.

  • Drop “I know everything” attitude.

This attitude will stop your growth. Leaders never keep “I know everything attitude”. Successful leaders learn certain things even from their subordinates.

Final words

If you are dreaming to get on a leadership position, it is not necessary that you should have all the skills since birth itself. Personally speaking, some leadership qualities can be cultivated. If you practice above mention tips, you can surely improve your learnability, which is one of the leadership quality.



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