Calculator to find Fahrenheit or Celsius

Fahrenheit Celsius Calculator
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This is the handy calculator to find Fahrenheit if you know Celsius. However, you can find ºC as well, if you know ºF.

How to use the calculator?

  • From the drop down, select either ºF or ºC.
  • Enter the data collected in respective fields.
  • The calculator would show automatically the calculated value.

How to convert ºF into ºC?

To convert ºF into ºC, we have following equation,


ºC = (ºF-32) X 5/9

Example: Let us say you have 98 ºF. Then the answer is 36.6667 ºC.

How to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit?

To convert ºC into ºF, we have following equation,

ºF = (ºC X 9/5) + 32

Example: Let us say you have 135 ºC. Then the answer is 275 ºF.


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