Solar Sizing Calculator

Solar Sizing Calculator
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This calculator will help you to size the solar system for your home.

With the help of this calculator you can calculate,

  • Numbers of solar panels required for your home.
  • Total Solar System size required.

Solar Sizing Calculator

How to use this calculator?

  • Enter the monthly average energy usage (kWh) of your house. To calculate monthly average units, take out previous year electricity bill and sum up kWh of 12 months. Divide it by 12 and you will get average energy usage.
  • Enter the average sunshine-hours of your area. It should be between 3 to 5. If you are not sure about sunshine-hours then enter 4.
Assume that the monthly consumption of house is 500 kWh. Sun-hours is 4.5. The required solar system size would be 3.70 kW and number of solar panels required would be 12.

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