Power Factor Calculator

Power Factor Calculator
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Engineers often require power factor calculator especially when they are working on site. This is a handy calculator for calculating power factor making it easier for engineers.

Power Factor Calculator



How to use the calculator?

  • For this calculator, note down the values of kW of an equipment.
  • Note down kVA. If you do not have kVA ratings of equipment then you can use this calculator ‘Volt-ampere Calculator‘ to find it.
  • Enter the values in respective field.
  • The calculator would show automatically the calculated value.

How to calculate power factor?

You can find power factor with help of following formula:

Power Factor cos Φ = kW / kVA


kW = True power

kVA = Apparent power

Let us say you have 415 VAC motor of 450 kW having rated current 716 amps. The kVA ratings of this motor is 514.0. The power factor is 0.87.

Note that, normally on motor name plate, kVA ratings may not be mentioned. So use the ‘Volt-ampere Calculator‘ to find kVA.



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