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Friday, September 30, 2022
How to Troubleshoot Contactors

How to troubleshoot contactors?

Switching OFF or ON of the loads like motors is often controlled by contactors. What to do if suddenly load doesn't get started? You may...
how many units does a 5kW solar panel produce

How many Units does a 5kW Solar Panel Produce?

If you are willing to install a 5kW solar system then you may want to know how many units does a 5kW solar panel...
Electrical Symbols as per IEC Standard

100+ Essential Electrical Symbols as per IEC Standard

Have you seen electrical drawings? It has only symbolic representation. Sometimes if you have not come across a particular symbol it is very hard...
How a contactor works

How a Contactor Works?

Can you find contactors in your house? Of course, you can find contactor in the starter circuit of your bore well pump. Here, I will explain...
Ather 450X vs Simple One vs Ola S1 Pro

Ather 450X vs Simple One vs Ola S1 Pro: Tough Battle between Premium Electric...

Recently, India witnessed the launch of two premium electric vehicles on its 75th Independence day. Ola Electric scooter comes up with two variants i.e....
What is voltage unbalance

What is Voltage Unbalance?

What is voltage unbalance? At most basic, voltage unbalance is the condition when the voltages in all three-phases are not equal. The voltages altogether three-phases...
how to calculate washing machine power consumption

How to Calculate Washing Machine Power Consumption?

Washing machines use electricity for heating water, spinning clothes, and agitating detergent. The amount of energy used by a washing machine depends on several...
Transparent Luminescent Solar Cell

Transparent Solar Panels – What it is and how it works?

Yes, you have heard it right. You can have see through solar panels using transparent solar cells. A remarkable achievement by the team of...

How to check insulation resistance of motor?

You may need to check the insulation resistance of a motor in mainly two different conditions. Motors running continuously require insulation checks periodically. Look at...
How to Select a Pedestal fan

How to Select a Pedestal Fan? – 14 Factors You need to consider before...

In most parts of India, the weather can be intense at times. As a result, a relaxing ventilation system is essential. It provides much-needed...