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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
How to reduce electricity consumption of refrigerator

How to reduce electricity consumption of refrigerator? – 8 Tips that Every Homeowner can...

Refrigerators are the largest energy consumers in the home, so focusing on them first will help you save money. It is not that difficult to...
how many units does a 5kW solar panel produce

How many Units does a 5kW Solar Panel Produce?

If you are willing to install a 5kW solar system then you may want to know how many units does a 5kW solar panel...

Selecting Motors for Industrial Applications: 2 Most Crucial Factors to Consider

If you are an Electrical System Design engineer, you may require to choose an electric motor for industrial application purposes. When choosing a motor,...
AC Buying Guide

AC Buying Guide: 10 Tips to Select Best Air Conditioner for Your Need

COOLING your home in the scorching heat of summer is a common practice. In India, most of us rely on air conditioners to keep ourselves...
What is harmonics in electrical

What is Harmonics in Electrical?

Power System Harmonics, which is induced by the non-linearity of customer loads, is becoming a significant source of concern. This issue has gotten a...

Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

The lithium-ion batteries are integral part in all the Indian Space vehicles including the PSLV, GSLV and satellites. The indigenous batteries can perform for...
Electrical Engineering Interview Q&A

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Here, I am listing down few basic electrical engineering interview questions with their answers. You can have quick brush up at the time of...
how to replace two way light switch

How to replace Two way Light Switch?

Has your electrical switch ever got damaged? Due to frequent use and that too for a prolonged time, sometimes the electrical switches get damaged. How would...
How to reduce the electricity bill

How to reduce the electricity bill at home?

Are you fed up with paying huge monthly electricity bills for your home? The good news is that there are several options for lowering...
How to clean rooftop solar panels

How to clean rooftop solar panels?

I have my rooftop solar panels got installed last year. The next thing that needs to be considered after the installation of solar panels is...