Horsepower (hp) Kilowatts (kW) Conversion

Convert HP to KW and vice-versa

This is the handy calculator. You can convert either horsepower (hp) to kilowatts (kW) or kilowatts to horsepower with the help of this calculator.

How to use the calculator?

  • From the drop down, select either horsepower or kilowatts.
  • Enter the data collected in respective fields.
  • The calculator would show automatically the calculated value.

How to convert horsepower into kilowatts?

We know the equation that,

1 hp = 746 watts or 0.746 kW (as per IEC standard 60072-1)

So, to convert horsepower into kilowatts just multiply kilowatts (kW) value into 1.34.

Example: Let us say you have 7.5 kW motor. The calculated horsepower of AC motor is 10.050 hp.

How to convert kilowatts into horsepower?

As per the equation,

1 hp = 746 watts or 0.746 kW

So, to convert kilowatts into horsepower just multiply horsepower (hp) value into 0.746.

Example: Let us say you have 5 hp motor. The calculated kilowatts of AC motor is 3.7 kW.


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