4 Must Know Applications of AI and ML

Applications of AI and ML
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We live in a highly digitized world. With new areas like automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning gaining momentum, the world is moving fast towards embracing these new technology areas. The pandemic was a catalyst that resulted in huge demand in artificial intelligence and machine learning fields.

Now before discussing further artificial intelligence and machine learning. First, let’s try and learn the meanings of these terms.


Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning – The Meaning

Artificial Intelligence enables a machine or a system to perform a task that traditionally involves human intelligence. It involves incorporating human-like characteristics like logical reasoning, learning from experience, etc. It is a huge breakthrough for human civilization to create machines and software which can perform human-like functions without humans getting involved. It provides convenience and quality of work to society. As systems can now do many mechanical tasks via artificial intelligence, organizations can better utilize human resources in other spheres of work. It also reduces the chances of what we call “human error.” It goes beyond that and enables the work to be performed in a high–quality way.

Machine Learning can be further categorized under the umbrella of artificial intelligence. It means the ability of a computer system to learn and improve at performing its task by studying algorithms and past data itself and does not necessarily involve the input of any explicit instructions or data. Machine learning is a cradle in the world of automation, as it enables us to create machines that not only can perform their task on their own. But can also change or upgrade themselves independently, with minimal human intervention.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are more or less the same things, as machine learning is popularly known as the subpart of artificial intelligence.

Areas Of Artificial Intelligence

All are widely using artificial intelligence, be it big business houses or artists trying to curate their latest number or even governments. Now let’s discuss the use of artificial intelligence in different fields of work-


What’s the latest and the hottest thing in the automobile sector? Yes, you are right – it’s the self-driven cars. And driving cars involves the element of human intelligence, so to make a self-driven car – artificial intelligence is used. Also, the rise of companies like Tesla has increased the importance of artificial intelligence in the automobile industry. With self-driven cars gaining popularity and other automobile companies other than Tesla entering the self-driven car segment, there is a huge demand for professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The biggest chunk in the annual budget of every country involves investment in defense and national security. And billions of dollars from that money go into research and development involving the application of artificial intelligence in the defense sector.

Now, the defense sector has adopted artificial intelligence in two ways. First, as war equipment by developing things like drones and drone planes. This equipment can target enemy positions without getting noticed or directly involving any human. The second is in the form of computers and software, which help in processing data quicker and can handle huge chunks of data. And thus, processing this data help in making decisions that are strategically sound and better.


Creativity is something that finds its birthplace inside a human brain. And normally, creativity is associated with doing something which comes out on its own from human consciousness. However, there are instances where artificial intelligence was able to produce music or even try its hand at painting. Here we are talking about what we call “Assistance software,” which acts as a helping hand to the artist. It includes various software used in music production by artists or a simple tool like Grammarly used by writers to make their content grammatically correct. Even some subfields in the world of art have popped up in recent times only because of artificial intelligence. For example. “digital art” involves using the software as its canvas and artificial intelligence as part of this software.

Now artificial intelligence in this sector might not be involved directly. Still, with the type of assistance it provides – it surely has paved its way into the creative world of music, writing, and art in general.


Healthcare and medical science are going through what we can call a REVAMP Phase. It is a time when the dependence on artificial intelligence increases day by day, from being heavily used in the diagnostics and recovery phase. It is now making inroads into the core of what we call delicate areas of medical science like robotic surgery etc. And it can prove to be a game-changer in medical science as it will end the chances of negligence and ensure safe and sound medical procedures are being performed.


All the areas discussed here are just the major areas where artificial intelligence has entered. Not to forget how artificial intelligence affects our daily lives and makes it easier in the form of smartphones, smartwatches, and voice assistants. The wide usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning signifies the demand for professionals in this field. Now, these are relatively new concepts – there is a huge uncharted job or start-up market in this field.

The world is becoming an increasingly automated society, and we are under a transformation phase, where many traditional things are getting automated using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thus, creating a huge opportunity for people who want to enter this field. Upskill to move ahead with the times and further your career. You can also take up a free course on applications of artificial intelligence to build a strong foundation.



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