How do we choose and review products?

The primary goal of Engineers Hub has been to provide unbiased assessments of the newest goods and services so that you may make smarter purchasing decisions and get more out of technology.

–        To make purchases easy for our audiences we have a dedicated team of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineers. They deep-dive into the product specification and technology that manufacturers use.

–        Only a mechanic can know the machine well. Thus, we have collaborated with the authorized after-sales service of the brand partner. This helps us to know the real-life expectancy of the products.

–        No one can know the product better after using it for a few days. The products that we recommend are not only tested for a few days but are tested in a real-world environment for months and years.

–        Home appliances and other electronic products are also being sold by authorized dealers and retailers. We interview them for customer reviews and comments on the products if any.

–        We also take feedback from close ones who have used particular products. This gives us a clear idea about the product.

If a customer wants to buy a washing machine, there are numerous options. The more the option the more confusion. Many people ask us to help them out in choosing the product.

Our main driving factor to do this work is our audience. We genuinely want to help them out. However, we put in money and man-hours to do this work. Hence, we have associated with an amazon affiliate to keep this work going.