How to get my Dream Job?

Dream Job
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Last Updated on July 21, 2020 by Krunal Shah

Do you want a good job, seriously? Then, you have to help your own self for this.


Many job aspirants coming to me for career counseling requests me to help them out in getting a good job. What I have observed and analyzed is that everybody is looking for a good job, especially in MNC’s where they can have a good package. But when I ask them about the action plan for getting a kind of job they are looking for, they keep their heads down.

Lucky I am, realized this at the very early stage of my career. Let me give you some tips to get a dream job.

Tip #1: Unemployment is in your head.

Mind Clutters

I have seen job-aspirants keep brooding over unemployment or not having enough job opportunities in the market. This is a mind trap. Remove this clutter and focus on what is to be done to get a good job.

Tip #2: Have a goal.

Goal SettingWhere you want to see yourself in your professional career after five years, decide first and make it your goal. Goals keep you stay focused always.

Tip #3: Have a burning desire to achieve that goal.

DesireNow when you have set the goal, have a burning desire to achieve it. When we have a burning desire for something, our subconscious mind is channelized on certain energy, which makes an individual work in a required direction for getting the desired job. Burning desire to achieve a goal will keep you more focused.

Tip #4: Do market research for the most demanded skills sets.

Market ResearchCheck out the top skills in demand for career growth. Going with the flow of technology is always a wise choice. However, you can also look at the job description of the company of your dream and the required experience range. ‘Do I require adding any skill?’- ask yourself. Note down the skills required to develop.

Tip #5: Develop the skills required.

Skill DevelopmentIt may happen that the job you are doing may not add skill and your job profile would not match by any means with your dream company. Develop the required skills and try to have hands-on experience with it. Knowledge always pays off. Gaining skills would almost double your experience.

Tips #6: Prepare a good resume / CV and cover letter.

CVNow when you have equipped yourself with certain skill sets, it is the time to reflect your abilities in your CV/resume. Prepare a good CV/resume with a summary on the first page reflecting all the abilities, which you possess. In case of mailing your CV/resume, a good cover letter summarizing your experience can grab the attention of the employer.

Tip #7: Focus on learning instead of pay in the early stage of your career.

SalaryWhat I have observed is many job aspirants’ only focuses on pay at the initial stage of their career. Frequently changing the company can give some hike in your salary but will not give a long-term reward, instead, it will arise stability question mark on you. Change your approach and focus on learning.

Tip #8: Take small moves to reach higher goals.

CareerTo reach the highest step of the ladder we need to take small steps. In a similar way, you have to work with similar companies to match your job profile with the company you are targeting. This the best way among all other ways. If you are placed immediately after your graduation fine but if you are not selected, it is ok, that is not the end of your career. You can start with small scale or medium scale enterprise and learn. Make yourself well equipped with the job profile for the company you are dreaming for.

Tip #9: Be job-ready.

Job ReadyOnly gaining technical skills and soft skills may not help you to crack the interview. You must be up for an interview anytime. Practice the interview scene in your mind. Hold the CV/resume in your hand and ask yourself the possible questions as if you are interviewing your own self and prepare the answers.

Tip #10: Finally, float over your CV/resume on Job sites.

Job SitesYes, this is also one of the important steps. It is my personal experience; I got a few interview calls from reputed companies through job sites.

Bonus Tips

Networking can also play a very important role. Many employers have employee referral programs. A referral from someone who is already working at a company can get your CV a closer look. It even helps yours stand out from a crowd of job seekers.



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