Monday, September 27, 2021
How to measure a 4-20mA current loop

How to measure a 4-20mA current loop?

Process industries require monitoring of pressure, temperature, pH level, etc. for smooth operation. These transmitters send information to PLCs or controllers on a 4 mA...

How to check insulation resistance of motor?

You may need to check the insulation resistance of a motor in mainly two different conditions. Motors running continuously require insulation checks periodically. Look at...

How to connect 3-phase motor protection circuit breaker to single phase motor?

Recently one of my YouTube channel subscribers asked an interesting question. He asked me that how he can connect a 3-phase motor protection circuit...
How to calculate number of solar panels for home

How to calculate number of Solar Panels for home?

Are you planning for a solar rooftop? If yes, then you may need to know - how to calculate number of solar panels for...
What is voltage unbalance

What is Voltage Unbalance?

What is voltage unbalance? At most basic, voltage unbalance is the condition when the voltages in all three-phases are not equal. The voltages altogether three-phases...
Electrical Symbols as per IEC Standard

100+ Essential Electrical Symbols as per IEC Standard

Have you seen electrical drawings? It has only symbolic representation. Sometimes if you have not come across a particular symbol it is very hard...

Inductive Proximity Sensor: Working Principle and its Application

An inductive sensor is a type of proximity sensor. What does proximity sensor mean? Proximity sensor means - if any object comes into its vicinity,...
LED Wickets

How do LED Wickets in Cricket works?

If you are watching cricket then you might have noticed flashing LED Wickets system. The bails and stumps LED lights flash when the ball...
Electrical Tools

12 Essential Tools for Electrical Works

To execute safe installation, maintenance, and repair work, you'll need the correct tools for electrical works. While technology and creativity have vastly enhanced electrical wiring...
What is PLC

What is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)?

If you are associated with Industrial Automation, then you might have heard about PLCs – right? So, what is PLC? and why the name –...